4SIGHTED Consulting

Seeing the future by inventing it.

Building on digitization in new and unanticipated ways, with disruptive and innovative technologies, such as advanced sensors and Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robotics, virtual and augmented reality, nanotechnology and advanced materials, 3D printing, energy storage, and quantum computing. We are leading our partners through the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), with dynamic, open-source digital fluency. Reshaping businesses, creating new jobs, and advising on new educational systems. 

Our Services

Strategy Development

  Designing solutions that can enhance business performance and competitive advantage.

 ​​Technology Transfer​​

Capability Building 

Localizing key capabilities to develop sustainable, self-sufficient operation.
Accessing and transferring cutting-edge technologies necessary to maintain competitive edge.

Who We Are

A team of entrepreneurial-minded, versatile, technology savvy, inventors, and innovative executive advisors with a track record of managing and driving new levels of operational efficiency in large corporations that deal with global businesses in highly regulated environments. Based in Toronto & Riyadh, our team leverages on extensive knowledge of intellectual property generation, acquisition and management, in addition to negotiation skills, to direct the seamless execution of business-critical initiatives and R&D projects with time-sensitive deadlines and demanding requirements.

Our team is adept at identifying challenges that hamper business performance and engineering enlightened and innovative solutions for improving operational efficiency, enhancing productivity, and inspiring creativity.

Our Partners

4SIGHTED leverages on a strong network of partners both in Canada and KSA with a significant technological background spanning a wide spectrum of software, IT, electronics, and automation solutions. 
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